Video: Top eight men's players talk about fears, kisses and actors

Chris Chase
November 29, 2010

Sky Sports caught up with the eight competitors at the ATP World Tour Finals and asked some in-depth, probing questions about fears, future casting decisions and first kisses. Each of the eight players quickly shows their true personalities (which isn't necessarily a good thing, BERDYCH) so it's a fun way to spend a few minutes:


• "Really? OK, spiders."

• Federer definitely remembers the name of the first girl he kissed. He either doesn't want Mirka to know or it's Mirka and he doesn't want us to know.

• Also, it's no surprise that David Ferrer remembers so quickly.

• "Toothbrush." /falls asleep

• Good to see they wedged in a clip of Tomas Berdych. Just imagine how boring his other answers were.

• "John."

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