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Chris Chase

Video: Rafael Nadal stars in Shakira's new video, 'Gypsy'

Busted Racquet

If Rafa Nadal's knee continues to keep him off the ATP Tour, the seven-time Grand Slam champ might be able to find work as a video vixen.

As we detailed earlier this week, the Spanish superstar recently filmed a video with pop star Shakira for her new single, "Gyspy." Nadal basically plays a shirtless version of himself. I'm sure there's some complicated back-story to his character, but in all of his shots it's impossible not to be reminded that it's Nadal. (It's sort of like when Kevin Costner acts in anything.)

The video is great, mainly because it focuses on one thing and one thing only: Shakira. There she is walking, running, bouncing, laying, smiling, shimmying, caressing and, strangely, giving Nadal a lap dance from about eight feet away. It's all Shakira, all the time. Every video should be like this. Even the ones by U2.

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