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Video: Player’s phone rings in tennis bag before match point

Bad form: Leaving on your phone ringer while attending a tennis match.

Worse form: Leaving on your phone ringer while playing a tennis match.

Worst form: Leaving on your phone ringer while playing a tennis match against the world No. 1 and having it go off when you're facing match point.

Alize Cornet can testify to all three. During her first-round loss to Caroline Wozniacki in the Swedish Open in Bastad, the Frenchwoman had to silence the cell phone that was in her tennis bag when it rang before match point:

1. I don't like people to call me when I'm watching tennis.

2. That could have been a fun voicemail to listen to. "Alize, you never answer when I call! Are you avoiding me?"

3. You know when you walk out of a movie and check your phone and you have no missed calls, texts or emails and you sort of feel like a loser? I wonder if Cornet felt that way after realizing that nobody tried to contact her for the first 80 minutes of the match.

4. Wozniacki withdrew from her match on Wednesday with a shoulder injury.

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