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Someone pocketed $196,000 by betting Li Na and Stanislas Wawrinka would both win the Australian Open

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So here is your early "shot in the dark" moment for all the sports gamblers in 2014; someone in Australia had money on both Li Na and Stanislas Wawrinka to win the Australian Open and it turned out to be a really, really good move.

How good? The random gambler, made anonymous because he put the bet in with cash at one of the 2,900 Tab stores in Australia, put $435 down on the eventual champions, with the odds coming in at a hefty 451-to-1 at the time of the bet.

The Australian bookmaker Tab Corp. took the beating, but made the news public on Monday and I must say, it would be pretty nice to pocket nearly $200,000 on a tennis bet but who in the world is laying nearly $500 on a Na-Wawrinka bet in Melbourne?

Na wasn't a completely insane choice as she had made two of the last three finals at the Australian Open, losing in both, but it's the Wawrinka pick that is so confusing.

I could understand pairing Na with Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic or someone like that, which would pay much less, but again, I obviously have no idea what I'm saying since this person made nearly a quarter of a million bucks with his choice.

So, congrats to whoever made this bet and may they do the one thing that almost every Las Vegas gambler cannot do; enjoy the winnings and never, ever bet again.

Why not end your career as a gambler on a very, very high note?!

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