Roger Federer wins a semifinal match in Germany, has absolutely no idea he'd won

Shane Bacon
June 16, 2014
Roger Federer
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Roger Federer finally realized he won his match and gave the crowd a smile — AP

Over the weekend at the Gerry Weber Open, Roger Federer was in a familiar position. Federer has won this championship seven times, including his victory on Sunday over Alejandro Falla, but it was his semifinal match that was the bizarre one.

Federer was playing Kei Nishikori to advance to the men's final, and after winning the first set, was up in a second set tiebreaker to get to the final.

The 17-time Grand Slam champion was serving up 6-4 in the tiebreaker, and when Kishikori's passing shot caught the tape and dropped on his side of the net, it was a match win for Federer.

Except, Federer had no idea. He gave those small fist pumps that have become his signature celebration after points, but his face was still focused on the task at hand and you could tell he had no idea the match was over.

Federer was all the way back beyond the baseline before he realized the match was his, running up to net with a sheepish smile on his face to shake hands with Kishikori and celebrate the win.

It was a fun moment for fans of Federer, and a first for those that have followed his career. Hey, it's better than thinking the match is still going on when you've already lost!

h/t The Changeover