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Querrey's Samurai offer an olive branch, beer to Tommy Haas

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On Monday we brought you the story of The Samurai, the Sam Querrey fan club that earned the scorn of Tommy Haas this weekend during a semifinal match in Los Angeles. After his loss, Haas said that The Samurai had "no class" and challenged Querrey to "take control of the situation".

In an attempt to clear the air with Haas, The Samurai have released an official statement (or, as official as any statement can be from guys with painted chests, fake mustaches and knock-off Karate Kid headbands):

"First off, we would like to extend an apology to Tommy Haas for what he believes was "inappropriate" and "classless" behavior directed at him during the semifinal match of the Los Angeles Open. Contrary to what Tommy Haas asserted, we were not cheering his errors and missed serves (our restraint is something we actually take pride in), but, simply applauding (yes, in a pretty boisterous fashion) the unbelievable effort from our former classmate and good friend, Sam Querrey. We understand that this line can easily be blurred in a competitive tennis match and therefore apologize to Haas for the confusion. To make up for it, we would like to follow in the steps of the White House, and offer to take Haas out for a beer (Beck's, of course) and reconcile our differences at the upcoming U.S. Open Tennis Championships. If all goes well, we may even paint "Foster Fans" (for Haas' fiancee, actress Sara Foster -- ed.) across our chest for his first round match. That is if he doesn't play Mr. Querrey. Again, we are simply trying to direct some passion and spirit toward the great game of tennis that we all love. We wish Tommy nothing but the best of success in his upcoming tournaments. Samurai Salute!"

I may have suggested a Holsten (brewed in Haas' hometown of Hamburg) rather than a Beck's, but everything else looks pretty good.

Both players are at the Legg Mason Classic this week in Washington D.C. and would meet in the finals if they advance through the draw.

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