Pics: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge visit Wimbledon

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Newlyweds Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge sat in the royal box Monday at Wimbledon to watch Andy Murray, Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal play on Centre Court. They were joined in the box by six-time tournament champion Billie Jean King.

William's mother, Princess Diana, was a fixture in the box during the 1980s and 1990s and sometimes presented the winner's trophies at the All England Club. There's been speculation in England that Kate could take over those duties this year.


Possible captions for British tabloids: Commoner Kate doesn't do the wave at Wimbledon, is not of the people.

Possible captions for British tabloids: "Prince William doesn't do the wave, is not in touch with the masses." (Not a possible caption: "Billie Jean King spurns plebeian fan celebration." She's all about it!)

Prince William: "Looks like Venus is *puts on sunglasses* out of orbit."

Billie Jean King is eagerly watching the wave circulate around the stadium, biding her time for its return.

Kate asks William to do his patented Rodney Dangerfield impression, Williams obliges.

This picture is notable for two things, the second of which is that somebody is still buying American vehicles.

Kate's attempt at making her own Farah Fawcett poster.

Williams is no stranger to the royal box. He visited a number of times with his mother. The picture above is from 1991.