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Busted Racquet

Patrick McEnroe lets an f-bomb fly during live TV broadcast (video)

Busted Racquet

If you had Patrick in the "who will be the first McEnroe brother to curse on live television in 2012" pool, congrats, you win. While most folks would have assumed John and I incorrectly picked Zeppo, it was Patrick who let the expletive fly during Wednesday's Australian Open match between Andy Murray and Kei Nishikori.

*** Warning: If you're offended by four-letter expletives, don't watch the video. Or emit a loud beeping sound at the 0:16 mark, either one. ***

In Patrick's defense, the general manager of USTA player development probably has periodic flashes of the state of American tennis going through his head. Muttering "oh [expletive]" is the only way to cope.

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