Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal discuss the French Open favorite

Chris Chase
May 16, 2011

A theoretical conversation between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic about the French Open:

Rafael Nadal: You're the favorite to win at Roland Garros. You have beaten me four times in a row and twice in the past nine days on clay!

Novak Djokovic: No, you're the favorite, you're the king. You've won the French Open five times and the one time you lost you weren't really healthy. These other tournaments mean nothing. The majors are what matters.

Nadal: Seriously, YOU'RE the favorite. You have that 39-match winning streak! You beat me in straight sets this weekend.

Djokovic: I'm the favorite of all players who aren't you. You are Rafa. Vamos! I am but the humble Nole, the prince to your king. The only Grand Slam I win is the Australian Open.

Nadal: We all must expand our horizons. I was once defined by the fact that I only won the French. You are unstoppable right now. The favorite is you.

Djokovic: What has two thumbs, a collection of brightly-colored bandanas and parents who don't wear t-shirts emblazoned with his face at Grand Slams?

Nadal: Who?

Djokovic: Rafa Nadal, the favorite at the French Open.

Nadal: Fine. I'm the favorite. [Whispers] But, you're really the favorite.

Djokovic: [Takes out cell phone] Hold on a second.

[Thirty seconds pass and Nadal's phone buzzes.]

Nadal: Why did you send me a text? [Reads aloud in stilted voice] 'I .. am ... the French Open ... favorite?'

Djokovic: Ah-ha, you admit it!

Nadal: Tricky. But you've fallen victim to one of the classic blunders. By writing that text, aren't you admitting that you yourself are the favorite?

Djokovic: If by 'favorite' you mean 'second-most likely to win the tournament beind you,' than, yes, I am him.

Nadal: Well friend, one on thing we can agree. We are the co-favorites for the French Open.

[The door opens]

Roger Federer: Hey guys. What are we talking about?