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LMFAO’s Redfoo plays in U.S. Open qualifier, borrows shoes, loses

Tennis! They'll let anyone on the court, if only for a couple sets! Stefan Gordy, better known as Redfoo of LMFAO, entered a U.S. Open sectional qualifier and, well ... it didn't go so well.

At the Chamisal Tennis Club in Salinas, Calif., Gordy played Scott Gray, a California state champion (and 2012 high school graduate) and got waxed, 6-1, 6-2. Mr. Foo was hampered by the curious fashion choice of basketball shoes, which left him slipping all over the court until he borrowed a pair of tennis shoes from a fan.

“I say it’s a success for me because the journey was so great, and I actually felt good out there,” Gordy said. “[Gray] kicked my butt in the score, and he played great.”

Gordy has nurtured the dream of playing in a major tennis event for some time. He entered the court to the strains of "Heart of a Champion," his new song, which samples the distinctive grunt of his girlfriend Victoria Azarenka. Here, listen for yourself:

Tough way to go out — Gordy also lost in his mixed doubles opening match — but hey, he actually did it. You see Bieber or Ke$ha grabbing a racquet any time soon?

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