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Federer goes over top of Isner to set up tiebreak victory (video)

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There was a split second when it looked like John Isner would get the upper hand on Roger Federer in Sunday's Masters 1000 final at Indian Wells. The American had saved three points in the first-set tiebreak and appeared to be ahead on a service point at 7-7.

Federer hit his second-serve return short and his next shot even shorter, bringing Isner into the net. The world No. 3 stabbed at a backhand and sent it over his 6-foot-9 opponent. Isner had a quick decision: Try to hit the smash volley or let the ball sail long.

Popular sentiment was that Isner could have hit Federer's return for a winner. I say the angle and quickness could have forced him to sail it wide.

Regardless, the ball floated in and Federer won the next point. He cruised to a straight-set victory, giving him his fourth title of the young 2012 season.

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