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Could an Andy Murray vs. Serena Williams match happen? And would Serena win a point?

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Serena Williams and Andy Murray, looking thrilled at a fashion show. (Getty Images)

It started, as these things often do, with some anonymous yapper trying to call out Andy Murray on Twitter:

And as happens when a guy with 1.5 million followers takes the time to respond, the idea of an Andy Murray-vs.-Serena Williams match has started to take flight. Or, at least, a flight of fancy. Because here's the thing: Murray would absolutely decimate Williams, and even Serena knows it.

"Really? He wants to play me? Is he sure?" Williams said when asked about a possible match. "That would be fun. I doubt I'd win a point, but that would be fun."

Williams agreed to the hypothetical match with conditions: "I get (to use the doubles) alleys. He gets no serves. I get alleys on my serves, too."

Even so, she'd have a tough time, commentators believe. "She could test a lot of men on this planet, probably seven and a half billion, but Andy Murray is not one of them. He's way too good for her," former pro Jeff Tarango told the BBC. "Let's go to the depth of it. What they're asking is, 'How low do you have to go in the men's game before Serena pulls off a win?' I'm going to say 300-350, those guys aren't used to playing for $500,000, they might start getting a little nervous and I think on a good surface on a good day, she could maybe take someone out."

"I had a lot of guys as sparring partners and some of those guys were tough for me to beat and didn't make it on the tour," French Open winner Mary Pierce said. "They are so strong, and like Serena said, every serve would be difficult to get back, it would be impossible to ace return and it would be hard to hit a winner."

Still, with both parties game, surely something could be worked out? Maybe a winner-take-all post-Wimbledon showdown? Here's what it may look like, via For The Win's Tim McGarry:

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Make it happen, tennis!

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