Caroline Wozniacki does not think her dress is too short

One day after Venus Williams garnered worldwide attention for constantly readjusting an ill-fitting dress, top-seeded Caroline Wozniacki had to answer questions about the length of her own tennis skirt Monday at the U.S. Open.

The 20-year-old from Denmark has been wearing the same Stella McCartney-designed adidas dress since the first round, but in her match against Maria Sharapova the garment seemed to be giving her more trouble than it had in the previous three wearings. But much like with Venus, the tightness of the dress didn't have any ill-effects on Wozniacki's game. She defeated the three-time Grand Slam champ Sharapova in straight sets.

After the match, Wozniacki was asked about what she looks for in a tennis outfit. "For me it's important to feel good on court and of course to look good," she said. "Then I can focus on my tennis at 100 percent."

Next, she was asked whether the skirt was too short:

Those are as honest of answers as you'll hear on the subject. Wozniacki knows that image is everything (especially in tennis) and that her style will play a big role in her future marketing prospects. After all, she wasn't gaining much attention for her outfits when they looked like this.

But it won't all be about short skirts and blonde hair. The popularity of the world No. 2 will ultimately be determined by her success on the court. Few would care what Venus wore if she wasn't such a great tennis player. However, as both Venus and Caroline know, it doesn't hurt to look good while winning.