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  • Tennis besties Serena and Caroline are out on the town again

    Danielle Elliot at Busted Racquet1 mth ago

    First they hit the NBA Finals together in Miami. Then Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki were besieged with questions about being "gal pals" at the U.S. Open. By the end of the fortnight everyone wondered, would their friendship survive their championship showdown?

    They were clearly able to Shake It Off just fine, hitting a club together just hours after Williams beat Wozniacki in straight sets to win her 18th Grand Slam title. The world seemed to be slightly less Obsessed with the friendship for the past few weeks, but now they're back to say  Don't Forget About Us ! 

    Hours before they face off in the WTA Finals semi-finals on Saturday, Williams and Wozniacki posted a selfie at a Mariah Carey concert.  One Sweet Day everyone will just let them be friends without it making headlines. But for now, it's pretty obvious that we Can't Let It Go.  More than 8,000 fans liked the post within two hours.

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