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  • Women allowed heat breaks at scorching Wimbledon, men not

    Danielle Elliot at Busted Racquet1 day ago

    Temperatures are soaring at Wimbledon, reaching 86 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday. That's 86 throughout the grounds – it's even hotter at Centre Court, where the thermometer measured more than 100 degrees during Andy Murray's afternoon win.

    Players, at least those in the women's and girls' draws, will have a chance to escape the heat. Tournament rules allow for females to take a 10-minute heat break between the second and third sets if the heat is too intense.

    The men, however, are not permitted to take any heat-related breaks.

    According to The Guardian, once the temperature passes about 86.5 degrees Fahrenheit, officials measure the "heat stress index" prior to each match. The index includes humidity, surface temperature, and air temperature. If the threshold is crossed prior to the match, either player (in a women's and girl's match) can request the break.  The rule has never been utilized.

    There is a roof at Centre Court, but it will not be used to shade the court. It can be used to shade the fans, but players are expected to deal with the conditions.

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