A 90-year-old grandma is called the 'Tiger' of tennis

Shane Bacon
November 17, 2010

You ready for the cutest video you'll see all week? Well, jump in and watch Mary Jane Murphy, a 90-year-old who is called "Tiger" around her tennis club for her ability to compete well past her prime.

While most tennis pros are retiring at the age of 30, Murphy has that many grandkids, yet still finds the time to smack the ball around with her friends.

Yes, Mary Jane is as cute as you'd expect a little grandmother to be when talking about tennis.

Mary Jane on the evolution of tennis racquets: "When we started they were all wooden racquets, now they're mostly metal, or, I don't know, uranium or titanium or something or other."

Mary Jane on the exercise factor of tennis: "It's great exercise. You can do more running playing tennis, and of course you use your arms too."

To be honest for a second, my grandmother, whom I love dearly, is 85, and would have a better chance of playing an actual game of flying Quidditch next to Harry Potter than even picking up a tennis racquet, so to see a 90-year-old doing this is worth the press.

Also sad realization? She'd probably beat me in a two-setter.