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Dirty Tackle

Zlatan Ibrahimovic sets himself up for winner against Roma, refers to himself in third person

Dirty Tackle

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored both of Milan's goals in their 2-1 win over Roma on Saturday. The first was a penalty, but to score the second, Zlatan chipped the ball over the keeper and into outer space before holding off a defender to head it in himself.

Milan's Thiago Silva had to be subbed off in the 10th minute with an injury and after the match, Zlatan shared how important the well being of his teammates is to hi. And he did it in the most Zlatan way possible (via

"There's only a month to go and we need everyone on the pitch. If my teammates are happy then I'm happy as well. I'm used to thinking about the others, I grew up like this and that's just how Ibra works."

So, wait, when someone says they're thinking about others, then refers to themselves in the third person, does that mean they're actually just thinking about themself?

Anyway, Zlatan speaking in the third person is hardly news, but now we know that he's taken it to the next level and started using nicknames for himself.

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