New York Red Bulls get Claudio Reyna’s name wrong in press release about his son’s death

Brooks Peck

Former Manchester City midfielder and U.S. national team captain Claudio Reyna lost his 13-year-old son Jack to cancer last week after a two-year battle. The news of Jack's passing brought in a wave of support from Claudio's former teams and his many fans, but in the New York Red Bulls' haste to issue a press release about their plans to honor Jack Reyna, they got his father's name wrong.

Claudio Reyna played 29 matches over two seasons with New York before retiring in 2008, which apparently wasn't enough to ensure the communications department would remember his name since they announced, "Red Bulls will honor the passing of Carlos Reyna's son Jack during Saturday's match." Carlos Reyna.

The mistake was eventually fixed, but the fact that they got his name wrong in the first place, and while attempting to pay tribute at such a somber time, is pretty awful. Hopefully they do better during the match.

That aside, we offer our condolences to the Reyna family.

Thanks to our tipster for the image.