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Wayne Rooney shot breaks 9-year-old’s wrist

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Seeing your favorite team play in person for the first time is a special day for any child. But when you spend the first half in terrible pain because your favorite team's star player accidentally snapped your wrist like a twig with a pre-match cannon shot, it tends to put a damper on the day. Or make it even more special, depending on how you look at it.

For 9-year-old Jamie Thomas, this is exactly what happened when he went to see his beloved Manchester United beat Wolves 5-0 last weekend and an errant Wayne Rooney shot came his way.

From the Shropshire Star:

Jamie's father Andy said: "It was his first Man Utd game and we were in the Wolves end because somebody got us tickets.

"We were sat on the first row right at the front. [...]

"The players were warming up and Rooney and Hernandez were taking a few shots. Rooney missed one and it was coming straight towards Jamie so he put out his hands to stop it hitting him and it broke his wrist.

"At first we thought it was just bruising but Jamie wasn't enjoying the game so we went to first aid. We ended up missing most of the second half.

Rooney was unaware of the accident until Jamie's story hit the press on Thursday (assuming that Jamie wasn't making fun of Wayne's hair transplant or commenting on how "Switcharooney" is a dumb name for a race horse), but when he found out, Rooney declared on Twitter, "I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas, I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address #getwellsoon."

Here's our best guess as to what Wayne's letter to Jamie says...

Hi Jamie,

Sorry about the wrist. Imagine if I was actually aiming for you! There'd be nothing left but arm goo that the doctors would have to scrape off before attaching your new metal hook hand.

That would've been awesome.

Wayne xx

This incident should serve as a warning for the immeasurable destruction Charlie Adam's Carling Cup final penalty will cause once it re-enters the earth's atmosphere.

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