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Victor Valdes walks back to his goal, midfield shot follows him

Dirty Tackle

When he wasn't getting help from Sergio Busquets' hand, Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes was saving himself from embarrassment at the last second. With the score at 2-2 late in the match, Real Sociedad's Xabi Prieto spotted Valdes with his back turned and slowly meandering back to his goal. So, Prieto decided to launch a shot from inside his own half to try and take advantage.

Valdes remained unaware as the ball bounced behind him and followed him as he walked. He must've heard the terrified cries of his teammates, though, because Valdes turned around and made a diving save just before the ball could sneak past him and into the net.

Even though Xabi Prieto's smart play was ultimately thwarted, Valdes will probably have a few nightmares about Michael Myers with a football head following him home at night and attacking him just as he reaches his front door.

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