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Tevez demands Mancini apologize for not taking his nonsense

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A couple weeks ago, we did a bit that imagined Carlos Tevez admitting that all the problems he's caused during his time in the Premier League was just one big joke at everyone else's expense. But now I'm not so sure that isn't what he's actually doing.

The same day Manchester City announced that they will bring a breach of contract case against Tevez in a disciplinary hearing and other reports suggested that he could get hit with a British football record fine of £1.2-1.5 million (in other words, a piddly six weeks' wages for Carlos), the former captain made it clear that he wants Roberto Mancini to apologize to him for all of this. Which, you might remember, began when Tevez didn't obey his manager's orders during a Champions League loss to Bayern Munich.

From the Telegraph:

Tévez, who met with City officials in London on Wednesday following his return from Buenos Aires, is insistent that Mancini should apologise for claiming that he refused to play in the Allianz Arena.

In return, the former Manchester United striker would issue his own apology for an initial refusal to warm-up during the match, although he remains adamant that at no time did he refuse to play. Tévez is understood to be prepared to accept that he was wrong to not warm-up when first told to do so early in the second half of the Champions League match, although he claims he did then try to prepare to play but was told to sit back down.

The 27 year-old will apologise, but only if Mancini withdraws comments made after the match which have upset and angered Tévez and damaged his reputation.

Yes, the reputation of Carlos Tevez -- which before this had only been destroyed by his demand to be sold over the summer while still captain, his acrimonious departure from Man United and his refusal to play for Corinthians until he was sold to West Ham, among other things -- has really suffered because of this. It's gone from awful to slightly more awful. And God forbid anyone upset or anger Carlos Tevez. It's not like he hasn't done that to pretty much everyone he has encountered in a professional setting.

All that aside, it's most amazing that Tevez is splitting hairs by arguing that he didn't refuse to play, he just refused to warm up...even though the manager requires one to be done before the other.

Carlos Tevez is definitely pranking all of us. And he's doing a brilliant job of it.

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