Taxi driver accuses Barcelona defender of stealing his wallet

Brooks Peck

It's very difficult for young footballers to carve out long careers in their chosen field even/especially when they're at a big club like Barcelona, where pressure is high and chances are limited. So some choose to supplement their income wherever they can. And 21-year-old Barca defender allegedly did that by stealing a taxi driver's wallet on the way to the airport for Spain U-21 duty.

From Marca:

The taxi driver explained that, while driving the footballer and three others, who would have been his teammates Cristian Tello and Gerard Deulofeu, along with Doctor Jorge Guillén, the wallet he kept in the front seat of his taxi disappeared.

"I told the player in the front seat that he had taken a wallet. Then they jumped out running and rushed into the T4 airport terminal building saying they were going to miss their plane", the taxi driver told Radio Marca. "When I was able to go in, because I couldn't leave the car there, I reported him to the police, but they had already taken off".

"It seems like he felt cornered or something and so he called me, insulting me. Then someone else called me saying he was his agent, but he wasn't and I reported him", the taxi driver continued.

According to the driver, the wallet contained €230 and his daughter's medical card.

Montoya defended himself on Twitter, saying the accusations are "totally false" then followed that up with a five-paragraph press release on the same subject.

If this case does go to trial, Xavi will serve as Montoya's defense attorney and argue that Montoya deserved that wallet and much, much more as payment for the beautiful football Barcelona have bestowed upon the cabbie.