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Dirty Tackle

Shakira performs with ‘Today I am your Pique’ guy

Dirty Tackle

Shakira recently performed in Puerto Rico -- far away from boyfriend Gerard Pique -- and as a part of her show, she did a duet with someone called Rene from the group Calle 13. At one point, Rene, who was dressed like he was kidnapped on his way to the gym, took off his shirt to reveal the words "Hoy soy tu Pique" written on his back. This was apparently a surprise to Shakira, and probably to Pique too (assuming he was made aware of it).

It remains unclear exactly what Rene meant with this statement, though. Was it a serious attempt to lure Shakira away for the night done in a jokey manner so if she refused, he wouldn't be embarrassed? Or was he simply giving her fair warning that he planned to bleed on her at some point in the evening? Probably the latter.

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