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Dirty Tackle

Sandro reveals his impressive and hilarious martial arts skills in Spurs dressing room

Ryan Bailey
Dirty Tackle

In the same way that a classroom descends into carnage when a teacher leaves the room for any extended period, the Tottenham dressing room has become a violent and confusing place while Harry Redknapp is away attending to his legal affairs. Yesterday, Spurs winger Danny Rose posted a video on his Twitter showcasing teammate Sandro's full range of high kicks and martial arts poses.

Rose can barely contain his sniggering as the deadly serious defensive midfielder pretends to kick things in the Spurs dressing room, while shouting what sounds like "PAIN!" in a non-ironic Mr. T fashion.

The terrifying climax comes at the end of the video, when the Brazilian valiantly kicks a china bowl onto the floor, watching it smash into pieces like the pathetic opponent it is.

So, Tottenham fans, if you were wondering why Sandro was out injured recently, you can probably figure it out now.

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