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Samuel Eto’o spends $1.3m on designer watches for teammates

Samuel Eto'o loves money. He loves it so much that he almost blew his move to Inter Milan last year by demanding a 15 percent cut of the transfer fee and threatening legal action against Barcelona.

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The Cameroon striker's unashamed passion for the green paper makes this tidbit of news even more surprising: He has parted with around $1.3m, buying each of his colleagues a personalized $42,000 watch. The Daily Mail reports:

Samuel Eto'o has spent £900,000 on designer watches for his Cameroon colleagues.

The Inter Milan star had vowed to buy £29,000 time-pieces for players and staff after they qualified.

The timepiece purchase may have been inspired out of spite for the comments of Cameroonian soccer legend Roger Milla, who recently said Eto'o did "nothing" for his country. (Milla probably wasn't referring to the fact that Eto'o never bought extravagant jewelry for his fellow countrymen, but that's the way it was interpreted.)

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Unfortunately, the players' new bling may have proved a little distracting – shortly after handing them out, Cameroon lost a warm-up match 4-3 to Serbia.

Image: AP

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