Roy Hodgson once planned to retire from football to become a travel agent

Ryan Bailey
October 17, 2013

Roy suddenly remembered that The Bahamas are nice this time of year (Getty)
Roy suddenly remembered that The Bahamas are nice this time of year (Getty)

Under Roy Hodgson's guidance, England have now booked their trip to the World Cup Finals in Brazil next summer. If things had gone a little differently, however, it could have been Roy's job to book the flights and sort out the accommodation instead.

Speaking after The Three Lions' victory over Poland on Tuesday, the 66-year-old recounted a time when he was considering quitting the beautiful game to go into the travel agency business with his friend Bobby Houghton. The Mirror reports:

"Bobby and I played together in South Africa.

"He left to take the Malmo job and them recommended me to Halmstad, so I went there in 1976.

"Bob had already won the league twice, then I won it, then he won it again and then I won it again, so things were going quite well for us.

"We were young and our vision was to get to 40, make a little bit of money and then set up a business together.

"It was one of those silly little ideas that sometimes you have when you are young.

"I sometimes think of it now, 26 years after my 40th birthday and wonder what would have become of me if we had decided to fulfil the idea, and we had actually retired at 40."

Essentially, Hodgson was looking to give up a lucrative and highly successful career in management because he was bored of winning all the time in Sweden, and he sought the stability and challenge of selling people trips to Disney World. How painfully pragmatic.

If Hodgson was going to pick up a second career nowadays, DT would presume it to be stand-up comedy. Why else would he devote a half-time team talk that should have been about football to a fairly misguided "space monkey" joke? His 15-minute routine about airplane food during the interval of the first group game next summer will hopefully sit a little better with his audience. Gary Neville is already working on learning the Seinfeld theme on his bass guitar to play him out.

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