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Robin van Persie reveals he is the psychological opposite of Nicklas Bendtner

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Robin van Persie and Nicklas Bendtner play the mirror game. (Getty)

Strikers are usually a very confident, self-aggrandizing bunch. Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner (currently on loan at Sunderland) is one of the more extreme examples of this, but it turns out the man currently atop the striker heap at the Emirates is pretty much his humble, pragmatic opposite.

From FourFourTwo:

"I was hoping to play as a second striker... I never thought I would end up as a main striker," Van Persie told the club website. "We only tried it when [Emmanuel] Adebayor went to Manchester City.

"The boss didn't buy anyone else because he was convinced I could do it, but I wasn't even convinced I could do it. I had not really played there that much, and I hadn't thought about it much before."

And now Van Persie is only leading the Premier League with 26 goals in 31 matches.

The lesson here: Never believe in yourself.

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