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Dirty Tackle

Rene Higuita can still pull off a scorpion kick (sort of)

Dirty Tackle

It's been 17 years since Rene Higuita executed his audacious scorpion kick to block a weak shot from Jamie Redknapp in a friendly between England and Colombia at Wembley. Since then, it's become one of the most iconic in the sport's history and has been attempted by goalkeepers and attackers alike, some more successful than others.

Two years after his retirement, Arabic TV caught the now 45-year-old Higuita attempting to recreate his famous move. And it didn't quite come off the same way. Though he was still able to kick both his legs up and connect with the ball, the trajectory it took a decidedly less impressive path than it did back in 1995. It's also worth noting that the ball didn't come at him quite the same as Redknapp's looping shot. But at least Rene still has that impressive head of hair.

Here's Higuita's original effort...

Top video via Meio de Campo

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