Petr Cech to rock the drums at Czech music festival

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has come a long way as a drummer. From playing with Didier Drogba, Florent Malouda, Paulo Ferreira and the club's chef in a hotel on their preseason tour in 2011 to accompanying Czech band Eddie Stoilow at one of the country's largest music festivals. Sadly, he doesn't wear his scrum cap when he's drumming, though.

From Cech's interview with the Guardian:

"Oh yes, I have the festival on Friday," he says, the apparent afterthought an appearance at the Czech Republic's equivalent of Glastonbury, Rock for People, where 12,000 will squeeze into a tent at one of the event's six stages to listen to the goalkeeper drum with the indie-rock band, Eddie Stoilow. Muse and Arctic Monkeys have topped the bill in recent years, while acts over the preceding four days vary from Queens of the Stone Age to Foals, Bloc Party to Thirty Seconds to Mars. Cech has crammed two rehearsals into his hectic schedule. "It'll be nerve-racking," he says. "If the drummer goes wrong in a band, the whole thing falls apart."

Cech told the Telegraph that the largest crowd he's ever played to "is about 2,000 people." We can only hope that playing in front of a much bigger audience doesn't cause him to go the way of a Spinal Tap drummer.