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Paul the octopus picks Spain over Germany

Dirty Tackle

The die is cast, all is lost. Even Jogi Loew's smelly blue cardigan can't save his team now.

Paul the octopus has chosen Spain as the victor over Germany in Wednesday's World Cup semifinal match.

The only glimmer of hope is that Paul's last incorrect prediction came on the eve of the Euro 2008 final, when he chose Germany to beat Spain (Spain won 1-0). Although there are no experts on psychic mollusks around to comment on whether or not Paul's incorrect predictions have to be cosmically balanced out according to some mystic cephalopod ESP force, it can safely be said that, yes, Germany has some reason to hope.

If, however, things go pear-shaped for Loew's wunderteam Wednesday, angry German fans feeling scorned by Paul after he earned their good graces may want to take some of the recipe advice offered from more than one Argentine cook. As the Telegraph explains:

Following the quarter-final prediction where Paul correctly guessed Argentina would lose to Germany the Argentineans threatened to kill the octopus and put it in a paella.

The newspaper El Dia gave this recipe for anyone daring to capture Paul: "All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste and a little pepper."

Or his handlers at the Aquarium Sea Life in Oberhausen could just, you know, free Paul from captivity instead of sticking glass boxes in his tank every other day expecting an octopus to somehow correctly guess football results.

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