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Olympiakos fans tear down goals, unleash fireballs, attack players

Dirty Tackle

As per usual, the derby of eternal enemies on Saturday between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos included fire, violence and even a bit of football. This time, much of the fire and violence was let loose immediately after Olympiakos' 2-1 win in front of their home fans, who reacted by storming the pitch, tearing at the goals like desperate parents going for the last Tickle Me Elmo, setting off massive fireballs in front of riot police (0:36 into the video) and physically beating Panathinaikos players.

From the Canadian Press:

The delirious Olympiakos fans charged onto the pitch at the final whistle and Panathinaikos players, already upset by a disallowed goal and the manner of the winner, claimed they were attacked.

Panathinaikos forward Djibril Cisse, one of the players allegedly attacked by the crowd, was so angry he told reporters he would leave Greece in a few months.

"Enough is enough," Cisse told reporters after the game. "I have taken my decision. You (the reporters) should take advantage of the fact that these will be my last few months in Greece."

Cisse was upset the referee chalked off Costas Katsouranis' 81st minute strike for offside, and that Djebbour's goal was allowed to stand. Panathinaikos players and officials claim Djebbour was in an offside position.

"We won the match. I know it, you know it," Cisse told reporters.

So, not only did Olympiakos fans get a win, a free riot on the pitch and a few cheap shots on their hated rival's already aggrieved players, but they even drove Djibril Cisse, the Greek Super League's top scorer over the last two seasons, to announce that he's leaving out of frustration. As horrible as most of those things are, that's as complete a victory as you can get. Until the bans, fines and other assorted penalties start getting handed out.

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