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You can now buy Barcelona’s ugly new shirt on eBay

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Coming to a Leo Messi near you. Possibly. (eBay/

Coming to a Leo Messi near you. Possibly. (eBay/

If you're in the market for a Barca shirt that's not as nice as the one you currently own, you're in luck: the yet-to-be-released strip for next season has apparently leaked on eBay.

This eighties-tastic red center stripe design has been doing the rounds on the web for some time and Catalan newspaper/Barcelona cheerleader Sport suggests this purchasable example is an accurate precursor of the real deal. The kit pictured above is said to have genuine Nike tags, but it lacks the Catalan flag on the back of the neck that's expected on the final design.

Its hefty $250 price tag could either suggest authenticity or a very shrewd hoax. We're not going to link to the listing in case it's the latter, but Sport seem fairly sure of it. And when has the laughably-far-fetched-transfer-rumor-generating Spanish football press ever lied about anything?

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