Nike’s CL final ad features a swarm of footballers and Cristiano Ronaldo in a child’s shirt

Brooks Peck
May 18, 2012

Like the "Write the Future" ad/short film that debuted before the 2010 World Cup, Nike has once again assembled a mess of footballers for a bombastic, three-minute bit of Euro 12 advotainment that will air during the all-adidas Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

What starts out as a match between the Netherlands and France (with Pep Guardiola taking notes in the stands for some reason), is invaded by a third squad that multiplies quickly. Neymar, Gerard Pique, Andres Iniesta, Mesut Ozil, Mario Gotze and even LeBron James appear throughout the frenetic clip, but the climactic punchline is saved for Cristiano Ronaldo. And that's when the premise gets ridiculous. Like Ronaldo would ever be disheartened by having to wear a shirt that's too small.

At the end of the video (on the Internet version), the viewer is asked to "find the tunnels," which leads to a second, interactive film and may or may not set you up to be set on fire by Mario Balotelli.