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Modric might have a new house which maybe means he’s staying

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Last summer's biggest transfer saga that didn't involve Spanish men shouting about the suffering of Cesc Fabregas was Luka Modric desperation to leave Spurs. It had it all -- broken promises, endless interviews through Harry Redknapp's car window -- everything except a resolution in an actual transfer.

But now, evidence has emerged that (might) completely reverse that whole, mind-numbing situation. And since we've already established the meaningless nature of footballer real estate dealings, Spurs fans should definitely take...something out of this!

From the London Evening Standard:

However, the 26-year-old is delighted with the way the season has gone and close friends at Spurs have noticed he is much happier and has a much better attitude in training.

It is also believed that Modric has just bought a new house in Hertfordshire, which is a huge indication that he is looking to stay at the club.

His current deal expires in 2016 and Spurs are still hopeful that he will agree to extend it by at least another year.

So being believed to have purchased a new house north of Tottenham is a HUGE indication that he wants to stay. After all, he isn't believed to have bought a house closer to Chelsea. Then again, Manchester is also north of Tottenham (albeit a few hours north). Perhaps Modric is maybe purchasing houses further and further north until the next you know, the end of the season is here, the transfer window is open and suddenly he's believed to have purchased an even newer house across the street from Old Trafford. Boom. Sneaky.

The paper also says that an agreement has already been reached for a new deal to be signed at the end of the season that will make Modric the club's first £100,000-a-week player if they finish in the top four. So that boost from his current £60,000-a-week wages might have more to do with his possible change of heart than any supposed property acquisitions.

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