Michael Essien calls Jose Mourinho ‘daddy’ a lot

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Chelsea loaned out of favor midfielder Michael Essien to Real Madrid, reuniting him with the man who originally signed him for Chelsea in 2005, Jose Mourinho. Though the deadline-day move came as a surprise even to Essien himself, it was a welcomed one since he describes Mourinho as being "like a father" to him. And he proved just how much he means this by repeatedly calling his manager "daddy" during his press conference.

From Reuters:

"Daddy (Mourinho) knows me very well, he brought me to Chelsea, and he knows I can play in any position he wants - except goalkeeper." [...]

"Everything went very fast and I was in my hotel room and I had a call from my daddy and he said he would be very happy to have me at the club," he said.

"I never thought I would end up here. I was focused on Chelsea and I didn't know that Real Madrid would make a bid for me.

"When Mourinho calls it's more than enough. All I want to do is play football and when he rang me I said yes immediately.

"When I arrived he was at the airport. We were really happy to see each other and I am really looking forward to starting playing and enjoying the football."

And as you can see in the video above, he kept calling Mourinho his daddy with the glee of someone getting paid to do so.

It's things like this that should clear up why Chelsea players have been so resistant to many of the managers that have passed through in Mourinho's wake. Between making them believe he is their father and praising them in the shower, Mourinho really put an indelible mind-meld on them.

Anyway, while Essien talked him up, daddy was off in Manchester scouting Real Madrid's Champions League group stage opponents and having a miserable time while fans tried to take his picture...