Mexico plays beach soccer with kids on day off

Maxi Rodriguez
June 20, 2014
BRAZIL BEAT: Pros playing pickup game on the beach
People swim in the Rio Negro in Manaus, Brasilia, Monday, June 16, 2014 despite staying in the water despite downpours. (AP Photo/Chris Lehourites)

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With a crucial match against Croatia on the horizon that will be decisive for their World Cup campaign, it'd be safe to assume that the Mexican National Team are hunkering down and directing their focus towards their upcoming game, closing out the media and fans, and banning the entire food pyramid save for organic oatmeal and quoina, right? Well, not exactly.

Having just pushed Brazil to the brink in an anxious match, members of the Mexican National Team took a deserved free day last week to make the most of their time in Brazil, fully embracing the tourist lifestyle and organizing a beach soccer game in front of their hotel in the process.

Despite the fact that beach soccer almost always ends in fractured toes and damaged egos, eight members of the national team took part, including Manchester United's Chicharito Hernandez, as well as two fans recruited by the players to make numbers.

While you might question the logic of placing the future of the Mexican National Team in the hands of two fans wearing capri pants, the match finished without injury, much to the delight of a crowd of fans that had gathered throughout the course of the match.

Gunning for the title of 'Team You'd Most Want to Hang Out With,' the players took time to sign shirts and take photos with fans.

First they join fans singing mariachi outside of their hotel, and now they're playing beach soccer with fans? How can you not root for Mexico?