Mesut Özil’s German World Cup rap

Ryan Bailey
June 11, 2010

If you thought John Barnes and Ryan Babel were the only professional footballers to get their rapping careers off the ground, then you're wrong (they never got their rapping careers off the ground). However, the canon of rapping 'ballers has now been expanded to include Germany's Mesut Özil.

Die Mannschaft's midfielder met up with singer Jan Delay (who's bigger than Hasselhoff in Germany) in a studio in Bremen prior to the World Cup. He delivers an impassioned rap which refers to South Africa, his youth and – unless my rudimentary German fails me – that his captain once said to him that his trousers weren't very nice.

Bild refer to this as a "cool World Cup rap," and while I don't think it's a bad song by any means, if you've ever driven through the continent and explored local radio stations you'll understand why they think it's "cool."