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There was a Mario Balotelli lookalike at WWE Raw

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Mario Balotelli was spotted by numerous eyewitness tweeters in attendance at the WWE's Raw event in Liverpool on Monday night. Spotting Balotelli at a professional wrestling event is not suprising, but he made it even easier by wearing a Man City away shirt with his name and number on it.

What professional athlete walks around town wearing his own jersey? Mario Balotelli, of course.

Except, he didn't. Despite the blurry photographic evidence of Mario at the arena (pictured right), it was sadly just a lookalike with the same haircut, earrings and shirt. Said Kristian Walsh of Liverpool's official website:

I was sitting three rows in front of Balotelli. I can confirm it was not Balotelli - just a very good lookalike.

Still, enough people have already been convinced that this was the real Mario Balotelli and a silly thing like the truth has never gotten in the way of a good Balo story yet.

Meanwhile, the real Mario is in Florence with the Italian national team...


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Then again, maybe Mario hired this guy to attend training in Italy while he had a good time at WWE Raw? That actually seems more likely.

Photo: @Davylpool via KCKRS

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