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Mario Balotelli assures you he’s not crazy

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Mario Balotelli has become the brightest star in the universe of football entertainment and he's fostered a cottage industry of odd Balotelli tales, both real and imagined. Despite his adventures in throwing darts at youth team players, saving school children from bullies, letting his friends char his rented house with indoor firework use, trespassing at women's prisons and handing out wads of cash to the homeless, the 21-year-old would like to assure you that he is of sound mind.

From the AP:

The media "tends to talk more about my private life than what I do on the pitch. It's normal but it bothers me," Balotelli said. "I'm not crazy, not at all—even though I can do strange things."

See? He's not crazy -- he just does things that are. There's a very big difference and Mario would love to explain the intricacies of it, but he really has to go stop a kid from doing drugs while dressed as all seven of the Village People at once.

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