Maradona threatens to shut down nightclub if they don’t play more music for him

At 7 a.m., the only thing Maradona wanted to do was keeping dancing. Sadly, the Buenos Aires nightclub hosting his serious business party session was closing up since normal people have things to do around that time of day. But Maradona does not stand for those types of shenanigans, so he pleaded with the owner to keep the beat alive.

Accompanied by his 22-year-old fiance, Rocio Olivera, Maradona asked the club owner for just another half hour of sweet party jams. When the owner declined, Maradona said, "If you do not play more music, I'll have [Argentina secretary of commerce Guillermo] Moreno close this place because Moreno is with me and you'll suck ****." Unbeknownst to Maradona at the time, he was being filmed while he made these threats.

Here he is balancing a glass of beer on his head in a more enjoyable part of the night...