Maradona isn’t afraid of anything (except masks)

Ryan Bailey
June 13, 2010

Diego Maradona is slowly becoming the Phish Food ice cream of World Cup 2010: he's impossible not to like, you always want more of him, but there's still an underlying trace of something sinister about him.

Thus far, the Argentina manager has been at the epicenter of all things bizarre and hilarious in South Africa - he's been inflicting demeaning training rituals on his players, he's demanded only the best toilet seats, he's been showing his troubles with calculating time zones and he's also been demonstrating why he should probably still be in the first team.

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After jumping around like a deranged (but sharply dressed) chimp on the touchline during Saturday's victory over Nigeria, Maradona told the press about his fearlessness for everything – except people whose faces aren't in plain view. The FT quotes the Great Man:

"I have never been afraid of anything or anyone, unless they are wearing a mask."

That's right, Maradona isn't scared of clowns, heights or the prospect of Michael Bay making more movies like the rest of us - he breaks a sweat at the prospect of Lucha libre wrestling matches and Venetian balls.

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