Man v Food’s Adam Richman cries during first visit to White Hart Lane

Adam Richman, famous for eating large quantities of food on TV shows like Man v Food and Amazing Eats, is a Tottenham Hotspur fan (thanks, in part, to FIFA 98 and YouTube). As evidenced by the video above, the Brooklyn native has a deep love for the club, but has somehow never stopped at Spurs' London home, White Hart Lane, during his many travels.

The idea of watching someone take a stadium tour probably doesn't sound too enthralling, but any time you have the chance to see a person really, REALLY enjoy something, you can't pass it up. And Richman really enjoys this. It's like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment for him as all the things he had only seen on television before -- the stadium, the dressing room, the trophies -- become real.

The best part, however, is when he comes through a tunnel up in the stands and sees the pitch right in front of him for the first time (about 1:40 into the video). As tries to fight back tears, he says, "It's stupid -- I never thought I'd see it." Richman then lightens the mood when he gets to visit the dressing room (at 3:40) by attempting an English accent and doing some "typical footballer cliches."

Whether you're a Spurs fan or not, it's a nice reminder of all the little things aside from the action itself that are a part of our love for the game.

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