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Luque yanks Pepe's ear over ungentlemanly behavior

Dirty Tackle

According to Malaga striker Albert Martos Luque, Pepe instructed the home side to look at the scoreboard to see that Real Madrid was winning 2-0 going into halftime on Saturday. Luque did not like this comment, so he confronted the Real defender and tugged at his ear. That kicked off a minor scuffle and Real went on to win 4-1.

After the match, Luque told reporters of Pepe:

"He is a great center back. But to wear that shirt [Real Madrid's] you have to be a gentleman and I doubt that and more."

Pepe not a gentleman? What would give you that idea?

I wonder if Luque also thinks you have to be a gentleman to wear a Malaga shirt and whether ear pulling qualifies as proper behavior.

Anyway, this clip has the added bonus of showing Jose Mourinho pulling up his socks. So enjoy that.

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