Lucas’ wife had a police officer go to the Liverpool bench to ask him about his injury

Brooks Peck
August 28, 2012

Liverpool midfielder Lucas was forced to come off in just the fifth minute of his team's 2-2 draw against Man City because of a thigh injury. Obviously seeing a player forced out of a match so quick is a troubling sight, especially since Lucas missed five months of last season to knee surgery. So the fans at Anfield were left to nervously wonder what the trouble was, but one person in the stands -- model Ariana Lima Bonfanti, who happens to be Lucas' wife -- decided to be a bit more proactive about procuring information.

From Eurosport:

Being unable to get to the bench to ask him if he was okay, she instead asked one of the policemen on duty at Anfield to go and quiz the 25-year-old star about what had happened.

Lucas didn't seem to appreciate the visit from a policeman turned reporter and waved him off as those on the bench around him had a laugh about it. The officer then trudged back past the Man City bench and down the tunnel to report back.

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Though you can certainly understand and appreciate her concern, it makes you wonder what lengths she goes to when he spends too much time in the bathroom.

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