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Links! And Arsene Wenger’s juggling skills!

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Maybe Wenger would do Arsenal more good as a player? [101gg]

More of Hope Solo dancing inside the television. [KCKRS]

Is a battle for Stamford Bridge about to begin? [twohundredpercent]

DT contributor Brian Phillips on Ronaldo v Messi, the rivalry that isn't. [Grantland]

As a sort of companion to that, here's our old friend Bert Tiddle's thoughts on Ronaldo v Messi. [DT wayback machine]

You are responsible for stopping crowd abuse at football matches. [Footy Blog]

Did Gerard Pique and Shakira break up?!?!? Is the earth still on its axis?!?! [Kickette]

Live tweeting Colombia's 5-0 win over Argentina in 1993. [IBWM]

If you had a time machine, which team would you go back and watch? [TSS]

The football rich list is out. Some good news for Arsene! [442]

Football managers debate God's refereeing decisions in shock ozone loss. [NewsThump]

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