Jurgen Klinsmann tells press the U.S. won’t lose to Jamaica (again)

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Despite Clint Dempsey setting a new U.S. World Cup qualifying record for fastest goal, the U.S. still lost to Jamaica for the first time ever on Friday, making their qualification efforts a bit more difficult. Sitting third, though even with Guatemala on points, in CONCACAF Group A after the loss to Jamaica has caused a bit of doubt to creep in for some U.S. fans, but manager Jurgen Klinsmann is trying to keep his chest puffed out ahead of the rematch.

When asked by a Jamaican reporter what would happen if the U.S. lost again on Tuesday, Klinsmann tried to play it cool. From the AP:

''No, we won't (lose),'' Klinsmann said with a smile. ''Don't worry.''

If Jamaica were starting to feel any complacency by sitting in first place in the group, that quote should give them an extra bit of motivation.

Of course, Klinsmann should be right, whether he should've said it or not. You can never expect a perfect run through CONCACAF World Cup qualifying and the U.S.'s best chance at taking a loss was always going to come in the first half of this group stage with matches away to Guatemala and Jamaica. Now with two of the final three matches at home and the only away match being a trip to last-place Antigua, Klinsmann's confidence better be justified.

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