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Jose Mourinho plays mind games by saying everything he does is mind games

Dirty Tackle

Jose Mourinho has developed a reputation for using his press conferences to his advantage, whether it be by setting expectations exactly where he wants them or unsettling opponents with his thinly veiled jibes. His recent comments about West Ham playing "19th century football" and Chelsea being a "little horse" that needs to grow before it can challenge for the Premier League title have garnered a lot of attention, but they've also served a purpose beyond being funny soundbites to entertain the press.

When asked about this at his latest press conference ahead of Chelsea's match against Newcastle, Mourinho admitted what we've all known for a while now. Or did he?

"With me it's also mind games, you know," a deadpan Mourinho said. "With me it's also mind games. Everything I say is mind games. Everything I do is mind games. Everything is mind games. The only thing that is not mind games is the results."

Was he admitting the truth? Being sarcastic? Pretending to be sarcastic just to keep people questioning his intentions? Even when admitting to playing mind games, he seems to be playing mind games.

We are all trapped in Mourinho's maze of deceit and there is no way out.

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