Joe Hart calls Wayne Rooney a wimp

Brooks Peck
March 15, 2014

Wayne Rooney's famous grit has been called into doubt by one of his international teammates. No, this isn't the first evidence of the England team coming apart at the seams ahead of the World Cup, it's just Joe Hart's blunt appraisal of Rooney's lack of bravery in goal.

Interviewed for FourFourTwo's new digital publication Football Weekly (which is free and worth checking out), the Man City and England keeper was asked if it's true that Rooney enjoys trying his hand at playing in goal during training sessions. Hart responded:

Yeah he does, he likes spraying the balls and catching balls but when it actually comes to whacking a ball at him, he's a wimp.

No man who endures not one but two hair transplants can be described as a wimp. Hart did have a more positive assessment of another one of their teammates' abilities as a goalkeeper, though.

James Milner always wants to have a little go in goal, but he juts wants to cover every position on the pitch. We joke about it; he does end up playing a lot of positions, and goalkeeper is the last one he needs to cover. He's not bad at it — he's as you'd expect James Milner to be.

So...overwhelmingly bland?

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