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Iker Casillas and Andres Iniesta ask people on the street for autographs and hugs

Dirty Tackle

The new ad for La Liga puts Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas and Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta on the street and has them surprise the random strangers they come across by treating them like they're the world-famous athletes. The funny setup is complicated, however, when the people of all ages they ask for autographs, hugs and pictures complicated the situation by trying to ask Casillas and Iniesta for autographs, hugs and pictures themselves.

Both players did a good job of acting like fans of these people they've never met (as we know, this wasn't the only bit of acting Iniesta has done lately), even going so far as to bow before the disbelieving citizens.

It was a clever idea for an ad and definitely much better than filming Pepe as he roams the streets looking for children's hands to stomp.

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