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Hooded Man Utd fans go to Rooney's home with death-threat banner

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The line between being aggrieved fans and psychotic stalkers issuing death threats has been crossed by a group of hooded creeps with a "if you join City, you're dead" banner outside Wayne Rooney's house Thursday night.

Ian Holloway getting worked up like your uncle who drinks too much at family parties during a press conference is one thing, but this is too much. From The Mirror:

Around 30 Manchester United supporters, many hooded and wearing balaclavas, stood outside Rooney's Prestbury home and invited the player to come out.

When he declined, they unveiled a banner reading 'If you join City, you're dead' as he watched from an upstairs window.

Police soon arrived at the scene and the crowd dispersed but no arrests were made.

Man United sent a private security team clad in stab vests to keep watch at Rooney's house. Again, this all happened at Rooney's house. Where he lives with his wife and baby. That's far too terrorizing a step to take over a footballer who says he wants to leave your favorite team.

UPDATE: And now this whole thing turns out to have been an agent's trick all along. Well, except for the hooded men making death threats. Rooney has signed a fresh five-year deal with Man United and now seems likely to stay. Now the same people who threatened his life will either choose to cheer for him or have to cheer for him once again. That's going to be awkward.

Photo: Twitter via Deadspin

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